HEKLA Project Seminar – ‘LNG in Maritime, Transport and Energy Sectors in Öresund'

Final HEKLA LNG Seminar in Helsingborg

HEKLA-Helsingborg & Klaipeda LNG Infrastructure Facility Deployment project held a final LNG Seminar dedicated to the LNG use in Maritime, Transport and Energy Sectors in Öresund. Seminar gathered about 25 regional representatives and key LNG stakeholders from Finland, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands.   

HEKLA is a CEF, Motorways of the Sea Project financially supported by the European Commission and Port of Helsingborg is an active partner developing the HEKLA-On-the Road Campaign, Dissemination and EU Added Value activities of the project.

The LNG seminar was officially opened by Mr. Niels Vallö, CEO of Port of Helsingborg who underlined the strategy of ‘HELGA’ latest challenges and opportunities with the introduction of LNG facility in the region. Mr Vallö presented the leading organisations behind the LNG infrastructure investments in Helsingborg namely – Helsingborgs Hamn, Kemira Kemi, NSR and Öresundskraft.

 Mr. Göran K. Johansson, CFO of Port of Helsingborg welcomed the participants and moderated the seminar. Presentation session was opened by Mrs. Emma Gunnarsson, introducing  Kemira Kemi as a large consumer of natural gas - about 400 GWh annually. LNG availability in the region will be a positive alternative solution to their industry needs.

LNG in the road transport was the subject of the next presentation given by Mr. Jan Strandhede from Volvo. LNG truck fleet was introduced and the crucial role of LNG as a bridge into the BioGas alternative in road transport was underlined.

The ‘LNG in Maritime’ session commenced with a success story from Unifeeder. Mr. Ebbe Bisgaard shared the experience with retrofitting ‘Wes Amelie’ – an LNG container feeder vessel. However, challenges with time consuming bunkering by truck and approval procedures are still to be improved.

Furetank concluded the presentations session - a ship owning company  from Sweden presented by Mr. Lars Höglund. Chemical tankers fleet consists of a few LNG vessels another 3 on order as well as 6 more LNG tankers will delivered by the first half of 2019.

Comments naturally headed into a discussion panel which tackled the long standing dilemma in the region – ‘Is LNG going to be available in Helsingborg’. Panelists from Öresundskraft, Helsingborg Hamn, Skangas, Furetank, and Volvo gave their opinion on the utilization of LNG in different sectors in Öresund.

The panelists mentioned several problems and challenges that are faced by the LNG sector in the  Öresund region, some of them strictly related to local conditions, others of a rather global character.

Mr. Lars-Inge Persson from Öresundskraft explained that the lack of a sound business case and potential buyers of LNG as well as oil prices in the last few years led to a decision of not deploying LNG liquefaction in the port premises. The need of an LNG bunkering vessel in the vicinity of the Port of Helsingborg was confirmed by Mr. Lars Höglund, CEO of shipping company Furetank. The importance of LNG application in road transport was underlined by Mr. Jan Strandhede, from Volvo Trucks, who stated that LNG can serve as a transition fuel in a long term blended with Bio LNG – a non-fossil fuel alternative. Mr. Tommy Mattila – Director of Sales and Marketing at Skangas - one of the leading LNG suppliers, encouraged the leading partners of ‘HELGA’ to consider investing in the LNG infrastructure project in order to lower a possible market risk. Mrs. Emma Gunnarsson underlined Kemira’s short and long term plans to seek a diversification  of gas supply to which an LNG storage within their premises can be a valuable solution. Mr. Per Olof Jansson, the Project Leader of HEKLA project gave a positive evaluation of the project and the Dissemination and promotion campaigns in the Baltic Region on behalf of the Port of Helsingborg.

The discussion panel concluded on a higher note with comments, suggestions and best practices shared by the participants. Last question by the moderator: “Will there be an LNG facility in Öresund?” was positively answered and all participants trust an LNG infrastructure facility will be deployed in short term.

It was concluded that the region is a natural place for creating LNG demand and determined by on active contribution of all sectors – maritime, land transport, industry and potential household utilization of LNG.

Please find below the presentations, the press release from the event and the newest Hekla brochure.

Press Release

Hekla On-the-Road Campaign, Dissemination and EU Added Value Brochure







We would like to thank all the Seminar participants for their valuable remarks and encouragement for the project.