HEKLA on-the-road campaign in Sopot

HEKLA on-the-road campaign along with the Coordination meeting will be held on March, 8th, at the University of Gdańsk in Sopot.

An important element of HEKLA action is the creation of European and Baltic added value achieved by dissemination and promotion of LNG as an alternative fuel for transport energy sectors.

In order to develop the future market capacity for LNG bunkering, and to drive the investments into industrial LNG adoption, a greater degree of information as to its market availability and potential applications are needed.

Besides the implementation of the LNG infrastructure, the information campaigns will be organised in order to present practical elements and business applications of LNG technology. Within project framework, two on-the-road campaigns will be conducted, which will include visits, promotions and LNG Project presentations within the two Baltic Sea Regions.

The HEKLA on-the-road campaign will be implemented by permanent distribution of relevant information to key stakeholders having an interest in utilising LNG technology of Helsingborg and Klaipėda.

Participation in the HEKLA on-the-road campaign is free of charge.
Participants within the Coordination meeting will have an access to the Transport Week event free of charge.
For more detailed information regarding the event visit the website.

University of Gdańsk
ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121
Sopot, Poland


Additional files to download

HEKLA on-the-road campaign agenda download here

HEKLA on-the road campaign report download here