HEKLA kick-off meeting in Helsingborg

HEKLA project kick-off meeting was held on 18th November, in Port of Helsingborg, Sweden.

The kick-off meeting was officially opened by the Mr. Per Olof Jansson, HEKLA Project Leader, Chairman of the Steering Group. Official exchange of signed Partner Agreements and signed Grant Agreement by the EC, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency has been transmitted to HEKLA Project partners.

Official gathering was attended by Project partner’s representatives from Klaipėdos Nafta AB and Port of Helsingborg AB, Trafikverket- Swedish CEF Transport Secretariat, Baltic Ports Organisation and ÅF Consult.

Update on the latest development of the action was given by Mindaugas Aleška, Head of Business Development, Klaipėdos Nafta and Roland Brodin, Business Development, ÅF Consult.

Expectations by the Swedish CEF Transport Secretariat were presented by Emil Fastén - Project Controller. Moreover Mr Emil Arolski, Project Manager, HEKLA underlined the main reporting procedures to INEA and EC. HEKLA Steering Group has been formed including senior representatives from Port of Helsingborg and Klaipedos Nafta. Furthermore, project management plan, website, logotype, design and Project graphics were presented and discussed.

‘LNG Campaign and LNG Market Development’ activity and intended HEKLA on-the-road campaign with the involvement of the Baltic Ports Organization has been discussed. Two campaigns have been scheduled; West Baltic LNG Stakeholders and Ports organisation and East Baltic events with visits to several Baltic Region ports and dissemination of the project’s results. HEKLA on-the-road campaign will aim to provide permanent distribution of relevant information to all stakeholders having an interest in utilising LNG technology of Helsingborg and Klaipėda.

HEKLA kick-off meeting was successfully summarised by the Project Leader - Mr. Per Olof Jansson and project’s next steps and appropriate meetings confirmed.

Additional files to download:

HEKLA kick-off meeting agenda download here


HELGA-2 download here

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